"Use Your Own Form" is an Android app that can be used to generate field documents, such as forms, receipts, reports, invoices, proposals, purchase orders, and work orders, in the field using an Android phone. Some of the features include:




Quick Start Guide:


There are four screens, the "MAIN MENU" screen, the "DESIGN" screen, the "INPUT" screen, and the "VIEW" screen. Horizontal position zero and vertical position zero is at the upper left corner of the form. The maximum horizontal position is 1658. The maximum vertical position is 2146. The maximum horizontal and vertical position is at the lower right corner of the form. All files are saved locally to a folder called "UYOF".



Follow the steps below to create and email your first form:


Step 1 Before running the app, create your blank form, it works best if the form is about 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches tall


Step 2 From the "MAIN MENU", click "NEW DOC", type in a file name, click "BLANK SHEET", click "DESIGN"


Step 3 Click "LAYOUT", click "FORM", click "YES", select your blank form, click "OK"


Step 4 Pan to the desired position and click "NEW", click the desired location, click "OK", repeat Step 4 to add more fields


Step 5 Click "INPUT", pan to the desired position and click "PICK", click the "green cross", input your text, click "OK"


Step 6 Click "VIEW", click "SAVE"


Step 7 Click "MENU", click "EMAIL DOC"